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Custom building tennis courts includes excavating, paving and building fences.

Drainage, vegetation control and maintenance is actually a lot of heavy work and this is done successfully by the Tennis Court and Track Builders Association. Constructing a tennis court consists of a lot of planning, and it should meet the highest quality building standards once it is complete. A company whose staff is quite efficient in their civil engineering skills should do it. Tennis courts come in a few very different varieties and styles. It is built according to the variety the tennis court owner wishes. The functions of the Tennis Court and Track Builders Association are as follows:

  • The members should be aware of the planning codes, both locally and statewide.
  • They should be properly insured, and before enlisting the services of the professionals, the client should make sure that the insurance papers are in order or the owner will have to bear the responsibility of any liabilities.
  • Have knowledge about the various insurance policies that the client should apply for
  • Have a team of professionals who are quite efficient at studying a location and deciding what kind of tennis court will do best to serve the area.
  • Have knowledge of how to save, drain and maintain the water supply depending upon the material used to construct the court
  • The Association should be well stocked with examples of well-worn courts; it also works as their portfolio.
  • Keep a check on all the guarantees and warranties that come with products and services they offer
  • The products they sell should be of standard, durable and yet made available at reasonable rates.
  • Check out the credentials of the builder who arrives to build the court. He should be quite adept at using the latest construction equipments.
  • Provide accurate after sales service and maintenance. Respond to queries as and when they are requested and employ customer service representatives that provide accurate and honest answers.

The staff and members of Tennis Court and Track Builders Association should possess the following qualifications before they are deemed fit enough to go out on assignments related to building tennis courts.

Know the Soil

The soil on the predestined property is a deciding factor in whether a tennis court could be built there or not. Engineers have knowledge about the different kinds of soil for various tennis courts. The soil should always be a type that has good drainage.

The Engineer

The engineer is the best one to decide how to build a tennis court and whether it will do well in the intended location. Engineers and track builders have a special set of guidelines to follow, which are called construction guidelines that have to do with topography, climatic conditions, soil texture and other factors, when they build a tennis court.


Earthworks is the beginning of the construction stage where the quality to the highest standards is maintained by the contractors. Depending upon the nature of the ground, the engineers can raise or lower parts of the ground to create a level tennis court.