Track Builders

Track building companies are engaged in the design and development of indoor, private and public sports and athletic tracks worldwide.

Track building companies provide a host of professional services that include pre-project consultation, construction, design and maintenance. The reputed track building companies not only undertake total project preparation but they are also entrusted with the task of constructing and designing professional grade racetracks on any scale. You must consider some variables and elements before entrusting a company with the track-building project. The cost, type of equipment needed, the extent of traveling involved and the type of track required are some of the factors that must be considered before starting on a track-building project.

In the 1960’s, slot tracks built by Stan Engleman, AlTech and American Model Raceways were extremely heavy duty. Today tracks are a lot smoother, portable and lighter. Hasse Nilsson and others developed better track construction methods by the 1970’s.

In the construction of the track, the first concern is the cost or budget involved. Owing to the several variables involved, no standard price can be arrived at for building a track. Based on the location of the track, equipment and time needed to build the same, each and every track is bid separately.

The companies must aim to build or design tracks that are not only creative but can also challenge riders according to their skill level. There are many reputed track-building companies to choose from in the US, which are the top choice for many amateur as well as professional racers. Some of these companies promote cost effective projects and they can be trusted to deliver the best results that far exceed the expectations of customers and the standard of the motocross industry.

Some of the specialized services provided by the track building companies worldwide include design, construction and maintenance of projects following project consultation. The companies can be entrusted with complete project preparation including fuel, travel, material, lodging and others. Some of these companies may also provide easy access to a full line of heavy equipment as they may have an account with their manufacturers.

Specific equipment that may be used in the track includes track type loader, multi terrain loader, excavator, water truck, multi terrain loader, articulated truck and others. Depending on the style of the track and scope of project amount of time varies with respect to track construction. The arena cross track can be built within 2 days on an average. Motocross and supercross tracks may take up to one week to construct. Inclement weather conditions can hamper the construction process of tracks.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned athlete or racer, you can have the track custom built according to your needs. Top teams and riders such as Chad Reed, James Stewart, Nico Izzi, Timmy Ferry and others are just a few persons who have been extremely satisfied by hiring the services of professionalized track building companies. You can also make your dream track a reality by seeking the help of experienced track building crew employed in reputed track building business.